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is a leading exporter of paper, board & packaging, clearance, excess inventories from top European. Inter Paper has send more than 40 000 MTONS in overseas markets: East Europe, Asia, Middle east, Africa, India, Pakistan, South America,Turkey. In our warehouse, we have up to 5.000 TONS available in inventory: Wood free offset, colour paper, folder, coated art paper, Kraft, duplex board, SBS, watermarked card & paper, carbonless,newsprint, recycled paper, aluminium, greaseproof,complex foil PE-PP, self adhesive, silicon, tissue, giftwrap, liner, etc.…
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Interpaper is an importer and exporter in Turkey and middleeast.
Our interestings, Self adhesive papers, Self adhesive plastics, Silicone coated glassine and krafts
Thermal paper and boards, PE/ALU/PET flexible packaging laminated materials, PE/ALU/PAPER flexible packaging laminated materials
If you have got any stocks about sell middleeast or Turkish market any paper products please offer to us by mail or by phone.